God restores all things incorporating the cycles and seasons of life

God restores all things incorporating the cycles and seasons of life

Most posts to this web site have content about a spiritual thought or a topic of particular interest.

Each post will have a photo or clip art attached.

For optimum use, please use the search feature for more articles on similar topics.

Categories include:

Celebration of Life –  This is about a future book on talks to give at a Memorial Service honoring life.

Giving-  These posts are about the topic if giving, including tithing.  It also talks about giving of time and materials.

Healing Thoughts come from the work I do as a volunteer with the Silicon Valley Healing Rooms and with the inner healing ministry of Sozo.

Hope –  These posts will mostly be included in a new book entitled, “Where Do I Go to Buy More Hope?”

Forgiveness – These posts will be conglomerated to produce a pamphlet on “Why Forgive?”  I started answering these questions during several sozos and I decided to start writing down the answers since so many people aren’t taught good definitions of why they should forgive, or what the freedom is when they do.

Prayers for the Parched –  Most of these prayers are in Volume 1.  There are new prayers that go up that will be compiled into a new volume of prayers

Prayers for Business –  I know many people who go to work every day for years and never think to pray for their business.  What a privilege to pray for where we work and see it blessed.  These prayers come from years of working in the business world in many different arenas.

Recipes –  These could be called Food for the Souls.  “Ask a different question” might also qualify as “Try a New Recipe” and explore new ways of working with the resources that are available to us.

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