Healthy People Don’t Diet – and Other Secrets, Part 1

Diet Today, Feast Tomorow.  Don't Diet. Change the way you Eat. photo:

Diet Today, Feast Tomorow. Don’t Diet. Change the way you Eat. photo:

Isn’t it interesting what catches our eye and we find ourselves taking the time to read something we usually don’t make time for?  That happened to me the other day while reading a magazine trailer to order a year’s subscription. The Martha Stewart Living magazine offer highlighted a blog, recipes and decorating ideas as well as an article about health.  I flipped to the recipe section and opened to an article on “The Secrets of Healthy People.”  Lisa Haney wrote this wonderful article. I glanced at the first step and stopped flipping forward.

The first secret of healthy people is that they don’t diet.  Suddenly this article had my attention.  I get so amused at fad diets.  It takes more time to describe the diet and learn what’s allowed and what isn’t, that I could just grab a bunch of nuts for a snack and keep going till dinner. By doing this, I get ride of the hunger grumble, and stop thinking about food.  Diets that cause me to think about the subject of food for days and hours within the day are mind absorbing.  I can’t concentrate on anything else.  That’s ridiculous.  It’s all about finding other things to concentrate on and focus on and move forward with the day.

Sincere dieting friends of mine tried a diet that cut everything white out of their diet.  Really?  That’s a diet?  By eliminating a color?  It lasted several weeks and I think they did lose some weight.  Then they went back to their standard eating schedule, and they looked like the same friends I dearly love.

So healthy people don’t diet.  I believe this.  The article quotes, “Out of 10 people who have deliberately lost weight, five years later one of them will be thinner than when they started, four of them will be heavier, and five will be back to the same weight.”  This describes my observations.  It has to be more about a lifestyle shift.  And I believe that people who listen to their bodies have a better chance for success with dieting.  My body trended toward not wanting ice cream as a snack.  I enjoy a scoop now and then.  But I stopped buying ice cream to take home because the unfinished containers started getting freezer burn and I consistently threw them out.  My body just stopped craving it. I opted for other treats, most of which are healthier with time.


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