Discover Watermelon Radishes

Watermelon Radishes are beautiful and delicious! Photo from

Watermelon Radishes are beautiful and delicious! Photo from

How have I lived this long and not ever known what a watermelon radish is?

I discovered them this week.  I had to ask a grocer to show me a watermelon radish at my local fresh produce market The Milk Pail.  He pointed out something whitish/green and round about the size of a small baseball (and almost as hard.)  I brought it home for a recipe and cut it open.  A vibrant pinkish-red color stood out on the cutting board.  Watermelon radishes are absolutely beautiful!  The flavor isn’t as pungent as the traditional smaller red radish with the white center cousin. Watermelon radishes are ready and safe to eat raw.

I continued to make the oriental dish.  I substituted buckwheat noodles for soba noodles, since it was the only noodle I had on hand.  The bok choy and scallions added a lovely green complimentary color and taste to the dish.  The sauce pulled together the flavors of soy sauce, honey, rice vinegar and sesame oil.  Including the chopping, the dish came together quickly.  It didn’t require any cooking of the radishes so they were “crunchy.”

At the end of the any new dish, my family asks the question, “Would you make this again?” I probably would.  But I would equally be interested in trying other recipes.  The beauty of this vegetable needs to be displayed for appetizer.  So I am hunting for an appetizer recipes.  Watermelon radishes and a white cheese spread might work. They could work on open faces sandwiches.

What a fun find to kick off the New Year with this new discovery.

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