Thank You for Our Daily Bread

Family Dinners - Big and Small - start with a simple prayer thanking God for giving us our daily bread

Family Dinners – Big and Small – start with a simple prayer thanking God for giving us our daily bread

The Lord provides so many meals for us.  I try to say grace at every meal.  But there are the lunches on the go where I forget, or when I eat breakfast standing up, or when I’m grazing my way through appetizers at a business trade show that end up constituting a meal.

Once in a awhile, usually not before a meal, sometimes at a grocery store, or just before I start cooking a big meal, I pause and thank God for providing what He does in giving us our daily bread.

“Lord, Thank You for your creativity in creating so many different types of food and  giving it to us in seasons.  Thank you for modern canning and preserving that let us enjoy so much out of the season, and all year long.  Thank you for transportation and delivery systems that allow us to enjoy fresh fish and fruits from other locales which are not native to our own geographic home.

Thank you Lord for the creativity you give others to invent recipes with flavors and ingredients that go together.  Thank you for all the options available for prepared menu items in grocery stores.

Thank you for refrigerators and freezers that preserve food for another day.  Thank you for leftovers—or, as our family calls it, “planned overs.”

Lord, thank you for all the meals we’ve said grace over and had you join us.  You’ve even recorded some of our conversations.  Malachi 3:16.  Thank you for the memories and the moments that happen around meals.”

Here’s the standard grace we include along with whatever else the day brings that needs prayer as we pray before starting dinner:  “Bless this food  we are about to partake.  Bless the Lord and all that is within me.  Psalm 103:1 (I use this in case anyone nibbled ahead of grace on appetizers.)  Use it to give strength to our bodies.  Bless the hands that prepared it.  Come and join us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


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