Gratitude, Growth, Redo’s

Garth Brooks sings a country song about being thankful for unanswered prayers. The lyrics tell about a man who is grateful his prayer to get back together with a girlfriend didn’t work out because he ended up meeting his wife, and they shared a lasting love. With the perspective of time, we can be grateful for difficult times in life.

Sometimes we get the privilege of a “redo” in life. If we get a bad grade on a test in school, we receive a grade that represents the average of many test scores, or a grade that weights what we test at the end of a semester rather than at the beginning. If we blunder in a job, we may have a boss who offers us mercy and realizes lessons are part of a learning curve and we are more valuable with a variety of learning experiences. Employees receive such mercies and offer loyalty to a boss and/or a company.

When screw-ups result in failures, change is inevitable. Students get expelled, employees get fired and lovers break up. Even from these experiences, we learn. In fact, statistics say we learn more from our failures than our successes. Failure causes analysis, and analysis causes education. As a good teacher, God may have a tutor come alongside and point out exactly what we did wrong and why. More often, the opportunity to grow is part of the redemption process.
Grateful for flowers that grow and grow