The New Year 2015 Comes with a Call to Prayer

Prayer and Fasting has powerful results

Prayer and Fasting has powerful results

Everywhere I turn, churches and ministries and pastors are pleading with their congregations to pray as this New Year commences.  Some are praying for their personal welfare and families.  Some are praying for their states and the nation.  It is a time to acknowledge the ways of the world that don’t line up with God’s ways.  Many people point to the moral decay in the land.  We have movies and television shows promoting lies, revenge, sexual promiscuity, cheating on one’s marital partner, murder and greed.  Coming from many angles, the entertainment industry offers a diet of human desires and lusts suggesting that these things are normal under certain conditions.  Truly, that is not what God teaches in the Bible.

God wants his people to pray and humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways. The mere suggestion seems so out of day and un-fun. If we do these things, God promises to hear our prayers and forgive the sins of the land and heal the land.  This promise is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Without the diligent prayer of His people, society is headed toward bleak consequences of destruction.  God takes note of the condition of the hearts of man, of people’s choice for violence and the collective sins of the people. He is a God of love and justice.  Love and justice are two sides of the same coin.  Jeremiah tells us that it is out of His lovingkindness that he brings justice to a people so they can seek righteousness once again.    Jeremiah 9:23-24.

This New Year rings in with a somber note.  Coming from so many echoes, the call to prayer carries urgency with it.  Join the ones that love God with your own prayers for what you would like God to do in this nation.

Many people add fasting to this call for prayer.  It becomes a prayer and fasting time.  Whether we give something up or take something on for 7 or 21 or 40 days, fasting gets noticed in the heavenlies.  Read more about fasting here.

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