How do we walk abundantly more with God?

Hand in Hand with God    Psalm 115: 14-15 reads, “May the Lord give you increase more and more, You and your children.  May you be blessed by the Lord,  Who made heaven and earth.

One of the best things the Lord gives us is Himself.  Learning to walk with God’s presence more each day is learning to walk in abundance.  He is the One who gives us power to live in His ways.  Living in His ways positions us to be where there is truth and integrity and answered prayer.  More and more of God brings more and more Godly patterns and principles to our lives.  Living in Godly principles produces many good things in our lives.  There are benefit to thinking of others, watching our language, studying the living scriptures, meaning what we say and behaving in line with scripture.

Can we have abundant life without God?  Do we really want abundant life without God?  Abundant living starts with God, and more of Him.  Abundance in life is allowing more of God into every aspect of our lives.  This process unfolds as we spent more time in scriptures learning about what Jesus said while he was here on earth.  The truths still apply now.  We get more abundance in every area of our lives when we invite Him in to every area of our lives.  Becoming aligned with his ways can be costly, especially at first.  But walking with Him and in His ways feels cleaner and cleaner, better and better and more life-giving.  “May the Lord give you increase more and more, starts with a desire to be with God more and more.”

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