For the Thousandth and One Time, Go Fish – Part 2

Simon's Team Caught Such a Large Number of Fish that their Nets Began to Break

Simon’s Team Caught Such a Large Number of Fish that their Nets Began to Break

These professional fishermen were coping with the logistical problems that come with abundance.  Their nets were breaking.  They were calling for backup help.  The employees were running on exhaustion and adrenalin.  Meanwhile, the boats were filling up.  Then the boats were so full they were starting to sink.  It wasn’t clear they could even make it back to shore.

Simon’s mind was reeling.  He put two and two together and realized he was experiencing a miracle.  He’s already seen several.  This time, this wonder, met Simon in his business. In the face of extreme abundance in his business world, he fell down on his knees, suddenly aware of his unworthiness.

Job had the same experience.  In the face of God’s wonders in nature, Job realized his unworthiness to question or challenge what God was doing to his resources, his family and even his body. What is it, that in the face of God’s wondrous acts, we wake up to our smallness, our unworthiness, and our inadequacies?

Using Simon’s honesty, we too want to tell Jesus to go away.  It was at this moment of human awareness of sin before Jesus that Jesus called Simon into action, and gave Simon his destiny for life.  Sometimes, it is when we feel the least worthy that Jesus calls us into action and gives us our destiny for life.  Often, it is at the lowest point on the performance scale of earning our way to earthly glory that Jesus calls us, and reveals to us our destined plan for life.

God used Simon’s knowledge of fishing to call him into fishing for men. Simon didn’t have to go on a journey to discover his destiny along the way.  Jesus asked Simon to do something he did every day.  Yet it was the thousandth and one time that a wonder unfolded.  It was doing what he already knew how to do every day, at Jesus’ special request, that destiny got defined.


“Lord, let me see your wonders, because they transform me.  I want to hear your call and fulfill the destiny that you have planned for me from the beginning of time.”

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