For the Thousandth and One Time, Go Fish – Part 1

Jesus Taught the People from Simon's Boat

Jesus Taught the People from Simon’s Boat

Jesus had a day job. He was a carpenter.  His dad was a carpenter.  He grew up building things with wood.  His father Joseph was a Master Carpenter.  Together, they earned a good living.

Jesus began to teach in the synagogues around the lake of Galilee.  His reputation as a healer and teacher were beginning to spread.  He was the people’s teacher. He explained things in terms the everyday man could understand with examples that made sense. People flocked to hear him teach.  “News about him spread throughout the surrounding area.”  Luke 4:16.  Next he went to Simon’s house and healed his mother-in-law.  His miracles touched a member of Simon’s family specifically.  Many others were healed in Simon’s home.

One day soon after, the people were crowding Jesus as the lake’s shoreline.  Jesus saw Simon’s fishing boat and asked if he could use it to continue teaching to the masses.  Apparently, there was no problem hearing Jesus from a distance.

After the teaching ended, Jesus told Simon to put out the nets again. Jesus, a professional carpenter, was telling Simon, a professional fisherman, how to run his business.  It might have been clear to Simon that Jesus knew nothing about fishing, since it wasn’t the right time of day to be fishing.  His men had already put in a full day’s work, and would be on overtime.  Simon pointed out the futility of the day’s catch.  Overcoming all business wisdom, Simon went along with the request.  “Okay, because you, Jesus, are asking, we’ll do it.”

Jesus asked Simon to do something Simon knew well how to do.  Simon had done the same thing a thousand times.  Jesus wasn’t asking Simon to do something new.  It was the same old routine a second time in one day.  It didn’t make any sense, but hey, “Whatever…”  Maybe Jesus wanted to see how it was done.  Okay.  Let’s humor the prophet.

They put down their nets and “caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.”  Luke 5:6.  They signaled for help from their partner’s boat.  “Both boats were so full that they began to sink.”  Luke 5:6.

Prayer “Jesus, come and show me your wonders in my business world.”

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