Stop Hoping and Start Asking

Ask and Know God Hears   Lots of people hope things will be okay.  They hope their kids will grow up okay and nothing bad will happen to them.  They hope  God will bless them.  They hope God is listening to their prayers.

The bible invites us to pray about everything.  Everything means everything, and not just when we’ve exhausted our known resources. We can pray before we start a new venture.  Many people wait till there’s a crisis whereas we can ask for God’s care every day.

Like any parent, God wants to hear from us regularly, not just at birthdays and special events.  When we are in the practice of talking to our parents every day, it’s no big deal to ask them to do something for us that’s within their capabilities.  In fact, it might be upsetting to a parent if our kids asked complete strangers to do what we could easily do and want to do for them.  Being in prayer relationship directly with God makes asking easy.

It’s a lot easier to ask a prayer partner for a quick prayer of favor heading into a business meeting rather than having to spend two hours bringing someone up to speed on the project and then why a particular meeting is so important.  Some people wonder why they need to tell God anything if He already knows everything.  The process of talking to God allows us to articulate our needs before Him.  It also allows us for to get confirmation and direction along the way as we move forward with a new venture.

The closer our relationship is to God, the more comfortable we are in taking our concerns to God as our friend and partner.  We have the opportunity to take everything to God in prayer.  Ask, Ask, Ask for what we need. And be specific.  Sometimes God waits till be get specific so that when there’s an answer to prayer with the specific detail we requested, we definitely know that it was God and not just coincidence or good luck.  In bringing our needs to God, we are inviting Him into the process of meeting our needs.  Most people tend to relate blessings with financial abundance.  God can meet these needs with provisions through our bank account and great jobs.  But there are many needs that money can’t buy.  This is another reason to be in dialogue with God about all the steps along the way.

Rest in the assurance that He hears our prayers and is at work with answers.  We are invited to continue the dialogue of prayer.

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