What’s Your Spiritual Age?

Anna recognized Baby Jesus in the temple.  Photo: sherriejohnson.blogspot.com

Anna recognized Baby Jesus in the temple. Photo: sherriejohnson.blogspot.com

Spiritual age progresses with overcoming challenges.  We can stagnate at an age for several years if we don’t allow our spiritual core to learn and advance.  I seek people younger than me for prayer if I know they’ve gotten victory in a particular area of their lives and I want that victory in my life.  If they’re walking with peace in the sme trial I am, I want their blessing for breakthrough.

Among my friends that are older than me, age is not the determining factor in whether I ask for their prayer.  Mature Christians develop roots that have weathered life’s storms.  These people have wisdom I wish to learn from. I seek out shade under their leafy trees with gnarled trunks.  I listen to their stories with their victories. They grant me family status as they share their life lessons with me. They may be retired in the natural, but their faith has refired in the spiritual realm, giving spark to my faith embers.

Luke mentions a woman who spent much time in the courts of the temple.  Anna was a prophetess who was 84.  “She never left the temple but worshiped might and day, fasting and praying, thanks to God and spoke about the child to all.”  Luke 2:36-38 NIV To this dear saint, God let her see the Messiah.  Not only did she see a couple coming with a baby, God opened her eyes to recognize that this baby was the promised Messiah.  Would I have recognized Jesus with such spiritually mature eyes?  May our spiritual maturity progress along with our calendar age.  May be keep learning and seeking God in all we do.

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