Revisiting Our Landmarks of God’s Grace to Gain the Courage to Go Forward

Rock Piles Demand to Be Noticed and Cause People to Recall the History

Rock Piles Demand to Be Noticed and Cause People to Recall the History

When we have to face challenges and the unknowns in moving forward, it helps to revisit the Landmarks of God’s great grace moments scattered across the history of our lives.

That’s what Elisha saw Elijah do as he prepared for the end of his life.  He followed Elijah on a tour of four places.  They visited Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and the Jordan.

Gilgal is where stones were taken out of the river to build a monument.  This was to remind the Israelites that God had opened up the Jordan so they could cross over from the wilderness to the Promised land.

Next, they visited Bethel.  This was the place of Jacob’s ladder to heaven.  It was the place where Jacob had pressed in to get a blessing after wrestling with an angel all night.  Elisha saw this as another place where God kept His promises.  Jacob gained favor with his brother again and went on to become a very wealthy land owner.

The mighty walls of Jericho fell down in Israel’s first battle after entering the Promised Land.  At first glance the walls seemed impenetrable.  Yet, it because a place where the Israelites did what they could do, and God did what He could do.  The Israelites obeyed God and marched around it seven times, and then shouted.  God caused the walls to come down, all by themselves.  God did the impossible.  The Israelites never forgot it.  He can tear down walls and win battles as we obey His commands and His timing.

The Jordan is the river the Israelites first crossed over.  Before approaching the river, Elijah asked Elisha what He wanted.  Somehow, Elisha had moved past not wanting to discuss it.  He was now at the point of learning to ask for what He needed God to do.  He had moved from negative anticipation to positive planning.  Elisha asked for a double portion.  Elijah considered this and replied, “You have asked a very difficult thing. Yet, if you see me when I am taken fro you, it will be yours—otherwise not.”  2 Kings 2:10.

Elisha looked for this.  Elisha saw Elijah taken up.  He received the double portion.  He picked up the cloak and used the same cloak that represented what he didn’t really want (Elijah’s death) to be the tool that touched the river and allowed him to walk back over on dry land.  At that point, his ministry began .

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