Redeeming the Cost of Caregiving Warriors – Part 2

God uses the Cost of Caregiving to Turn the Tide of Entitlement and Selfishness

God uses the Cost of Caregiving to Turn the Tide of Entitlement and Selfishness

In Part 1, of Redeeming the Cost of Caregiving Warriors, we observed that many people pulled into the role of Caregivers didn’t choose this of their own desire.  The rule often gets thrust onto people who live the closest to ailing parents or who are retired or not currently married with kids.

The sacrifices of caregiving get noted in heaven, even if it seems no one on earth cares.  God does care and there is a value to doing things unto the Lord.  Instead of “I deserve” or “I shouldn’t have to” or “Why should I,” it’s a choice to submit and obey God.

Caretaking is a choice to give up something now for what God has later in His reward structure.  It’s the choice to invest in His priority plan, even if we don’t feel like our efforts are healing the person, much less ourselves, in the process.  In this choice to obey and do the right thing before God, we are sowing good seeds, both here and in eternity. Again the key is choosing to agree to meet the need and doing it unto the Lord.  When we offer our sacrifice of service up to the Lord, we are investing our sacrifices of caretaking with a cost against the “I’m too busy and too important” to do this myself attitude of our society.

Some people love their relative and want to be there in a difficult time.  Others don’t want to do things for their parents or want it to be a shared responsibility with other siblings, and it’s not.  It’s a high cost, considering the effort to be there physically, economically, relationally, and spiritually.

Please know that what we choose to do in love for God, as called, is used By God in an interesting way to combat the things God wants to combat.  The sacrificial service of committed Christians quite possibly is being used by God as warfare in the heavenlies against the selfish trends in our country.  We may never know.  It could also be accounted for by God and redistributed by God into heavenly currency. Unknowingly, we may be adding additional rooms to our heavenly mansions.

God’s eyes are on his righteous children.  What is being asked of us is being noted in heaven.  God cares about our burdens and sends help to meet the immediate needs.  Keep asking God for His perspective.  He can quiet our hearts and keep us going till He chooses to show us what the divine purpose is to our circumstances.  He can send help in ways we don’t expect.  Keep asking God questions.  Ask new questions.  Ask different questions.  He hears and He answers.  If you need hope, ask Him to send hope.  If you need encouragement, support, prayer, medicine, or help, keep asking. It does matter.  It all matters.  It all has value.  What we go through matters in heaven to God.

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