Eight Reasons to Release a Grudge

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Releasing Grudges is Freeing

Who wants to hold a grudge?  It is possible to hold a grudge and the person we’re upset with doesn’t even know it.  How about getting rid of the grudge for our sake, no matter what the person did, or does, or continues to do?  Forgiveness is self-benefiting.  This helps when the person whose actions incurred the reason for the grudge isn’t repentant.  It’s not about whether they deserve to be released of the grudge.  It’s about getting free of the grudge for our own sake. Here are some reasons to consider:

1.         Letting go of the past allows us to move into the future.  Who needs the past to cling to us when the future is unfolding before us every minute.  Stop focusing on the past where the best is yet ahead.

2.         Holding a grudge takes time and energy.  Time is often our most valuable asset.  Take it back.  Let go of the thoughts it takes to nurture a grudge by giving it to God and gain back that mind time.  Redirect the energy towards something positive that produces a lasting benefit.

3.         Take back the power from the offender by not giving them credit where credit is not due.  It doesn’t take long to look for other reasons to add to our original grudge and some of the new reasons might not be applicable.  Being ready to forgive gives the chains holding us back to God and allows us to move on.

4.         Forgiveness is a process.  It starts with a decision and then a learned habit of not thinking about it and not “going to that place.”  Truly releasing is the goals but it can take time.  Often releasing a grudge gets harder with time.  Starting early is the easiest way to accomplish the release.

5.         Holding a grudge gives the illusion of control.  Really, we’re controlled by the grudge.  Let go and grasp the freedom to forgive.

6.         Once a grudge is fully released, it allows for healing to begin.

7.         Letting go of a grudge feels good. Really. Staying angry doesn’t feel good over time.

8.         Receive God’s love for you.  If we feel loved, it’s easier to love.  If we receive forgiveness, it’s easier to forgive.  God says to love, and is the example of how to do this.  God says to forgive, and again is the example of how to do this.   Freedom comes with forgiveness.

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