Prayers for the Parched: Pressing into the Heart of God

Let us join the Heavenly Hosts on Praising you

Let us join the Heavenly Hosts on Praising you

Pressing into the heart of God is the whole goal of worship.  It’s about getting into alignment with God’s heart.  Learning about God’s heart and learning about this nature is to worship.  To know who he is, and his heart to trust him.

For me, trusting God comes even before loving him.  I believe, trust, and love.  This is the rhythm of faith.  These are the primary colors of our walk with God.  Being more focused o facts and logic as my natural gifts, I need to know God is believable and trustworthy before I can love him.  As my trust and confidence grow in his ways, my love deepens.  Out of this flows a natural and committed obedience.

Other friends are more in touch with their emotions about things.  They may be more aware of God’s love first and then work toward trusting and believing God.  Much like singing a hymn or praise song in church or on the radio, sometimes we respond to the melody that stands out and replays in our minds, and sometimes we’re captivated by the lyrics that jump off the page and into our hearts.

Putting time aside for the purpose of worship allows us to make God the centerpiece of our lives and not us.  It Matt Redman’s Intimacy DC, the chorus of his song “The Heart of Worship” starts with, “I’m coming back to the heart of Worship, and it’s all about you, all about you, Jesus.”  Worship time, either along or in a group, allows us to reprioritize.  It’s about him, and not just our needs.

September 11, 2001 reminded us that we’re vulnerable despite our carefully laid out lows and defined systems.  We seek church during these times to gain a divine perspective on the events in our lives.  Worshiping together lets us glimpse that we are part of a divine plan for the world.  Acknowledging that there’s something larger than ourselves at work in our world puts perspective in our lives.  In short, we see reality more clearly because we reach another reality.

Worship is about getting in touch with God’s heart.  Knowing God’s heart means our prayers can be prayed in accord with God’s heart.  Our thinking and our actions start to be aligned with God’s heart.  His goals for us are better than our own goals for ourselves

Therefore, we can put ourselves in the center of his path for our lives.  This means we an stop running so hard because we’re already there.  We’re at the heart of the matter when we’re in God’s presence.  Being with him is what matters. Spending time in his presence changes us.  Our heartbeat joins his eternal heavenly brother.

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