Prayers for the Parched: Perspectives

Same day.  Same circumstances: Two Different perspective.  Learning to Rejoice Always

Same day, Same circumstances: Two Different perspectives. Learning to Rejoice Always


Always be joyful. Pray continually, and give thanks whatever happens.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NCV

Should you find yourself stuck in traffic; don’t despair

There are people in this world for whom driving is an unheard of privilege


Should you have a bad day at work;

Thank of the man who has been out of work for years


Should you despair over a relationship gone bad;

Think of the person who has never known what it’s like to love and be love in return


Should you grieve the passing of another weekend;

Think of the woman in dire straits, working twelve hours a day, seven days a week to feed her children


Should your car break down, leaving you miles from assistance;

Think of the paraplegic who world love the opportunity to take that walk


Should you notice a new gray hair in the mirror;

Think of the cancer patient I chemotherapy who wishes she had hair to examine


Should you find yourself at a loss and pondering what if life all about asking, “What is my purpose?”  Be thankful;

There are those who didn’t live long enough to get the opportunity


Should you find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness, ignorance, smallness of insecurities;

Remember, things could be worse

You could be one of them.


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