Prayers for the Parached: Open to Receive

Open hands to receive what God has for us

Open hands to receive what God has for us

Isaiah 30:18  Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion.  For the Lord is a God of justice.  Blessed are all who wait for him!

For people with a lot of hurt and pain in their unique set of life’s experiences, it is hard to open one’s hand to receive the future.  It’s easier to shut out everything rather than let anything potentially hurt us.  That makes receiving a choice.



I want to receive what you have for me

I choose to open my heat for you

Come and fill me


Position me to receive

…not to protect against everything

…which block out the good and the bad

Adjust my attitude, my balance to allow

Refocus the purpose



You heal

You don’t hurt

Healing can be painful

…but not one degree more than necessary

Thank you for all that you want to give me







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