Prayer and Fasting Part 3 Looking at Results

Prayer and Fasting as a Lifestyle Offer Positive Results

Prayer and Fasting as a Lifestyle Offer Positive Results

This is Part 3 in a mini series called Prayer and Fasting.  Part 1 explores the reasons I decided to try fastingPart 2 talks about the ways God changed me before changing my circumstances.  This part looks at some of the results of fasting.

For most of my teenage years through my thirties, my Mom spent about 3-4 weeks in the hospital each year, mostly in deep depression.  I might have voted to put her in during the “manic” months since they wrecked havoc on the household schedule and budgets.  I became more of her daily go-to person on the phone and with her needs in my thirties when she moved to my part of the world.  Her ups and downs impacted people around her.  After I started fasting, I realized that she didn’t have as many hospital stays.  Over the first few years, she only went to the hospital for random physical illnesses.  She still had the ups and downs, but they weren’t as severe.  It continued like this for over 20 years.

I’m not sure what my physical benefits are.  Health magazines write about the positive effects of liquid cleanses.  My non-Christian friends talk about going without food as a physical novelty.  There might be physical benefits I’m unaware of.  Fasting allows my body to hit the reset button.  After a day of fasting, I don’t want as many sugar in my body.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t last more than a day or two.  Moderation becomes easier in all eating categories.

Prayer and Fasting works.  My question is what do you want from God?  If something is intensely on your heart, try fasting.  Ask God what he wants you to do.  It could be about a life direction, insurmountable  issues of world hunger or disease, or an annoying habit you want to break free from.  Go deeper in prayer and add fasting.  I believe God will meet you. He may answer you indirectly.  Keep asking, keep knocking on His door, and keep seeking.  God promises that for everyone who asks, he receives, for everyone who seeks, he will find, and for everyone who knocks, it will be opened for him.  Matthew 7:8.  I believe prayer and fasting has great reward.  Give it a try.

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