The Power of the Ask

Asking for the Decision   I heard that a friend of mine had committed to praying at another Healing Rooms that is two cities away.  I had been hoping that she would pray at our Healing Rooms.  She prays powerful prayers.  The only difference was “the ask.”  My friend was personally approached by the other Director which prompted a personal a consideration process knowing a decision was expected.  The  other Healing Rooms got my friend’s commitment.

There’s some lessons in this.  I have known my friend for a long time.  I had asked her to attend our Healing Rooms training several months ago, which she did.  I did a group invitation at the end of the class as a group.  I appreciate that many people want to think about a commitment over time.  The lesson is that an individual ask is more likely to get a response than a group ask.

Second, if a person knows there’s a follow up conversation coming where they will be asked what their decision is, then that is likely to get a response.  Leaving something open-ended is not as likely to get a response.

Third, if someone has a friend that they can do the new thing with, then it is not as scary as just showing up not knowing what to expect.  Sometimes, it is asking in two’s.  Sometimes this simply means two people driving together with the famous, “I’ll pick you up.”  It’s all part of making the decision easy for someone to say yes.

In building a strong organization, volunteer or corporate, there is power in the ask.  Learning the power of the ask is part of successful leadership.  As a prayer, “Lord, please show me who to ask to be part of this organization.”

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