Energy and Rest

Energy and Rest seem in congruous.  Yet they do go together.  They can both be found in God.  And He offers to share His energy and Hautumn trees and riveris rest with us.

Exodus 33:14 reads,  “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  God gave this promise to Moses, and it holds true for us.  In His Presence is action and power.  Wherever God is, things happen.  Things we couldn’t do on our own.  He adds a supernatural component, even as we go about our daily tasks.  Because God lives on the inside of us, there is a deposit of His energy and power available to us as we ask for strength to do all He has asked us to do.

As His power works in us and through us through each day, week, month and year, His peace is available to us on the inside.  We can work hard on a project and yet have a peace about the project.  We can do little and be ill at ease if it’s not right to be doing little.  Energy in our action points and peace on the inside work side by side.

May His Presence go with you, and May He give you rest in all you do.


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