Palm Sunday Captures our Human Dreams Part 2

People Offered Jesus their Dreams Along with the Palm Branches

People Offered Jesus their Dreams Along with the Palm Branches

In Part 1 we looked at the height of the dreams and hopes of the people greeting Jesus as he entered the city of Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday.  They were ready to have Jesus be their Messiah King.  Some would never understand that He came as the Sacrificial Lamb King. It would be several weeks before the spiritual impact of end of Jesus’ life, as they knew it, would be revealed to them.  In the meanwhile, they lived in confused grief as the events unfolded.

God’s people do what doesn’t make sense in advance out of obedience to God’s plan.  As Jesus entered Jerusalem for His final week, He too faced the choice of obedience to God’s plans.  God is good and has a good plan that incorporates things we don’t know we’ll need in the future.  Even today, God orders our steps with calculated anticipation for a broad-based good plan, while the enemy lulls people with apathy to inaction of inevitability.

Without a crisis to wake us up, will we react?  Will we respond to what God asks of us?  Will we align with God’s positioning?  God never intended us to be lost, except in the wonder of God.  We were designed for worship, not worry.  We are invited to be partners with God as part of His grand design for goodness on earth.  We pray this when we ask God to “make it on earth as it is in heaven.”

The way to stay in balance is praise. Praise acts as a propeller.  Our words of praise changes the atmosphere.  Collective praise creates an atmosphere of invitation for God to inhabit with His presence.  His presence reorders everything to be in alignment with God’s goals for humanity. God’s presence brings order.  Without even realizing it, structures and systems get reordered with people partnering together and with God.  As we position toward His eternal good and perfect precepts, we see justice and righteousness become the strong pillars society needs to hang its woe on.


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