Palm Sunday Captures our Human Dreams Part 1

People Offered Jesus their Dreams Along with the Palm Branches

People Offered Jesus their Dreams Along with the Palm Branches

Palm Sunday captures the height of human dreams.  All the desires of the people’s human frustrations to be free of Roman rule cried Hosanna to this new King as he entered Jerusalem with dried tears on his checks.  The media would have loved the drama of the path of palms.  Photojournalists would have captured close ups of Jesus on the donkey and the larger scene of the path bordered with people of all walks of life.

People wanted a Savior.  They wanted freedom from Roman rule.  They wanted freedom from the forced interpretation of the Law—religious law. God was ready to give freedom from spiritual bondage.  Did they know they had it?

Little could the people know, that they were still a generation or two away from the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Justice and righteousness.  This is what we need.  It comes from first the priest (intimacy and worship) and then the kingship.

Justice and righteousness.   This is the cry of every government.  How well they handle this is how long it will last  Never a fixed recipe, but the ingredients of destruction must be discarded along the way.

We teeter between a “prove-it-to-me” demand before we believe and say, “Ah, that’s what you mean,” and a “I trust what God says” faith, which then allows us to sidestep destruction and/or despair.  We can dance right up to the middle line and test the balance.  We delude ourselves because we think we understand the basic physics of teeter-totters.  We stand near the middle with one foot on each side of the center fulcrum point.  We can’t see the invisible bullies ready to tip the balance with the push of a new fear that makes one side unweight. No one notices that the invisible forces also undermine the plank that should be tilting toward one side as a warning to reshift the weight.  The warning goes unnoticed and unheeded.

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