Obedience to the Still Small Voice Brings an Answer to Prayer

God Feels So Close when the Little Prayer Requests Get Answered

God Feels So Close when the Little Prayer Requests Get Answered

My family of origin lives scattered in other states so Christmas time involves lots of shipping.  Being old fashioned, I like to pick out things that remind me of them and wrap the gifts with all the extra flourishes of two ribbons and whatever this year’s Christmas paper is. Then I head to the Post Office and stand in line.

Each day this week had other meetings and things that needed to get done before December essentially shuts down and focuses on Christmas.  Yesterday was my day to get everything in the mail with hopes of arriving before Santa.


As the clock ticked away toward the 6:00 close time at my Post Office, I started to think, “I’ll never finish in time.”  Immediately following, I heard, “Keep going. Get the next one wrapped.”  Even stocking stuffers have to be wrapped before shipping.  So I kept going—the next one and the next one.  I glanced at the clock and knew I wouldn’t get there by 6:00.  “Finish and go anyway.  Get it done today.”  So I found the box in the garage that could fit all the presents for my brother’s family.  The others would get done tomorrow.  I put them all in with that obnoxious Styrofoam filler.  Then I got in the car.  It was 5:52.  No way.  “Go anyway.”


I got to the post office and had to circle the block three times to get a parking space.  6:16.  I should give up now.  “Get it done today.”  I rationalized that at least the box would be available for the following day—top of morning truck. I went inside.  Yes, the line had been shut off. But the machine that lets one create a label was open with no line.  Odd.  It usually had two or three people in line and helping each other figure out how to use it.  “Just do that.”  So I used the machine and got a label done and paid for in four or five minutes.  The machine let me use that days’ date which offered the 5 day send by Dec 24. This also cut my shipping rate by 50%.  Thank you for that Lord! So I swiped a credit card, took the printed label, and slapped it on the box.  6:24.


I went over the woman who had closed the door and saw that the line was dwindling but some who had made it by 6:00 were still waiting for service.  I asked her if I could just leave the package on the counter.  It didn’t fit in the wall Drop Off device.  She nodded.  And there it was.  It was as if I had made it by 6:00.  The package went out that day in the last shipment.  Yeah.  It got into the system, a few minutes after the doors technically closed.  I breathed a sigh of relief and gratitude.  It felt like the Lord answered that prayer request by personally encouraging me to “keep going” despite the clock to get it done.  Thank you Lord.  I know it’s a small thing.  God feels so close when the little (in the scheme of things) personal prayer requests get answered.



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