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These Are My Church Clothes

These Are My Church Clothes

My husband and I had the privilege of serving the Homeless the Saturday before Easter.  Over 150 men and woman acquainted with street life showed up for BBQ Beef lunch, a free concert, free haircuts, first aid,  port-a-potties, and prayer for healing.  Located in the parking lot of a business in the warehouse district of San Jose, people flocked from many forgotten corners of the city.

Also present were about 75 volunteers to cook the meat, cut hair, bandage wounds, serve food and pray.  Food was brought to every person seated at rented round tables generating conversation.  Appreciating ran high.  Some engaged in conversation, and some just sat in the safe place, enjoying the concert.

I  prayed with a man named Don.  His clothes were stiff.  His deep hacking cough brought up mucus.  I left to find napkins to serve as handkerchiefs.  He nodded his thanks.  He didn’t really want to talk much.  I offered to pray for the cough and his health.  I thanked God for his beautiful eyes, and for the purpose that God had for his life.  I asked for the cough to be healed.  Again, he nodded his thanks.  His hardened eyes were softer.  I noticed the knife mark on his neck and wondered when he had acquired it.  I refrained form asking and smiled instead.  I met several other people, but found myself remembering his face as we drove home to a house.  I prayed once again that Jesus would be allowed to bring him to heaven.

I snapped a photo of one of the fellow volunteers that worked with the sound booth.  He had on a great leather vest.  Underneath the patches that said, “Jesus is Lord” and “Black Sheep,” he had a patch that read, “THESE ARE MY CHURCH CLOTHES.”  Truly this day felt like the heart and spirit of Easter 2014.


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