Mouse in the House Vector Control Inspection | Recipe for Getting Rid of Skunk Smell

SCC Vector Control Makes House Visits to County Residents

SCC Vector Control Makes House Visits to County Residents

As I shared in the previous post on the Rat Hostage Crisis, it was electrocuted after 24 days trapped in our den.  Nonetheless, we kept our appointment with Santa Clara Vector Control.

We learned that most of the vents over the crawl space might need replacing.  He was amused at our Redneck Bucket device, but said the water wasn’t deep enough. This guy could stand on his two hind feet an jump back out again.  Really?

He said to add at least 10% Clorox to whatever cleanser we used to protect against disease.  He also said the disease discovered in Yosemite had not been reported in Santa Clara County.  Still taking all precautions.

He left a free booklet:  “What You Can Do To Prevent and Control Rats.”  It’s that common a problem.  He said they are as rampant at night as squirrels are during the day.  I immediately asked him what I could do about squirrels in my garden.  He just laughed.

Then explained how to put wire netting over the whole garden if need be.  He said I could put Critter Ridder on the fences, which are essentially public highways for the squirrels in our neighborhood.

I asked him what other common critters he sees a lot of.  He confirmed raccoons are as mean as their reputation.  Then, Richard gave me his recipe for getting rid of skunk smells. See below.

I was so glad Richard offered to come out after the death of our rat!  We learned a lot.  Now, on to replacing our vent screens to the house foundations and on the roof where it meets all the various pipes.

It feels great to be rat free after 24 days!


Recipe for Getting Rid of Skunk Smell

1 quart Hydrogen Peroxide

¼ c. Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon Dawn Dishwater Detergent

Mix together.  Use for getting smell off of the body.


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