Does It Matter If We Repent for the Sins of the Land?

The Prayers of a Righteous Man are Powerful and Effective

The Prayers of a Righteous Man are Powerful and Effective

Last week  in our Home Group we talked about the concept of repenting on behalf of the state of our nation.  We discussed the rise of sexual activity outside of marriage without being conscious of God’s thoughts about this. We lamented churches that are not exercising their voice to wake up the people in the church or ouatside the church.  We observe how our TV shows actively use foul language and show sexual acts on the screen. We express dismay at the level of occult that is creeping into society teaching people how to curse, hold grudges, welcome vampires etc. We are appalled that lying is becoming expected, and in fact coached, at all levels of life including excuses to not do what an employer wants.  We aren’t even surprised that politicians get compromised from their campaign promises once they reach their elected office.

In Bible Study yesterday, I asked the question at how to repent over the sins of our land.  Does it really make a difference?  How do we pray for our leaders? Can God reclaim territory of what is right and wrong to a conscious level?

One of our members added that we do need to pray about our fallen human leaders. He said,  “I think God likes it when we pray for our country and tell God we don’t like what we see.  I’m not pleased with the people’s hearts toward God.”  What was the prayer of one righteous man – Lot (hardly perfect) before God?   What was his cry for Sodom? What is our cry in these times?  How do we repent for the sins of the land?

It still gets back to individual decisions.  I can still serve the land by picking up the trash on the ground that people littered. I can care for the homeless, the afflicted, the impacted. I can speak praise to God, even when no one else ever cares what God might think, I can strive to live by the truth of God’s laws.

Yes, our prayers matter.  He hears every one of our prayers.  I think our prayers of frustration draw us closer to Jesus.  Jesus lived on earth as a man ad saw the injustices of His times politically and religiously.  Expressing our concerns in prayer connects our heart with His heart.

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