Love Calls for Commitment

Jesus Set His Face to God to Jerusalem

Jesus Set His Face to God to Jerusalem

Revival brings restructure.  Most people have learned to dread the corporate kind of restructure where employees lose jobs, prestige and territory.  God’s restructuring opens logical positions for growth with logic and common sense, rewarding what is honorable.  Whereas the current accepted behavior rational is financial incentive (doesn’t the Bible call it greed?), God’s principles are motivated by love.  God’s love is bigger than a mushy Valentine sentiment.  As a force, love casts out all fear.  Love defends the helpless.  Love trumps death. The God of Love is a warrior God who doesn’t shy from battle.  Make no mistake.  God’s “situation room” contains battle plans.  He knows the root issues and has declared war.  Pick your side wisely.  Spend time learning God’s heart for our time, thoughts and talents.

We choose God individually, but we were designed to fit into God’s Master Plan for community with one another.

Love fights when necessary.  And love rescues it’s own from the clutches of the enemy.  The Archangel Michael’s army trains daily in preparation.  God invites us to partner here on earth. The Bible outlines our preparation part. God says to be aware of the times. We watch. Look for him who comes like a lion, but isn’t a real lion.  Be sober.  Become Christlike.  Make disciples of Jesus.  Heal the sick.  Pray at all times. Give thanks in all things.  Enter into his courts with praise.

Love calls for commitment.  Ruth determined to go with Naomi.  (Ruth 1:16-18) It was an act of love.  Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem.  (Luke 9:51)  He knew what fate awaited him.  It was an act of obedience.  Love and obedience go together.  Sometimes we see the obvious link and reason to obey.  Sometimes we are asked to obey before we see the link.  These times stretch our faith.

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