Lord, Please Multiply this Meal

Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees

Two of our Home Group members served as missionaries in Beirut in 2011.  The husband worked with a missionary regional office while his wife served at a local school.   Two years later, back in California, they read us an email this week from the pastor of the church that hosted the school.


The church’s weekly shared meal on Saturdays has swelled from 50 to 70 to 85 to 100 to 150 as Syrian refugee families have flooded into Beirut in the last few months.  Hungry and homeless they received with gratitude a meal for the day (two days, three days?) as they got ready to walk away looking for a safe place to sleep for the night.  The church and school employees have forgone many paychecks to help stretch the number of family food packages they could offer as a gift for the journey.  The pastor says it breaks his heart to see Syrian women with 5 or 6 children looking for a meal and hopelessness in their eyes.


Lord, please stretch this small church’s resources.  Please multiply their food to meet the needs of many. Please stretch their energy to keep serving.  Please stretch their faith to give out your hope to all who find them.  Lord, please meet the needs of your children as they try to bless all who find them.  We join them in whatever their needs are before you today.

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