The Longer the Base Build, the Higher the Reach

After a Strong Base is Built and the Volume Picks Up, so Does the Price Levels

After a Strong Base is Built and the Volume Picks Up, so Does the Price Levels

One can see this principle when looking at basic stock market charts.  If one looks at the volume as it hums along at one level, one can also see the stock price moves along at a ho-hum range.  When interest in a company starts to pick up, the volume base jumps with huge leaps. The stock price quickly follows.

Using this broad base brushstroke, the same principle can apply to our spiritual life.  Our faith levels hum along at a certain range of highs and lows.  When we start to invest a volume of time in developing our walk through quiet time, new studies, fasting and prayer, our faith levels bump up to a new height and range.  Pretty soon we are seeing double the testimonies of changed circumstances and answered prayers.

When there’s a long base of faithfulness to God and His ways, the answered prayers abound.  Over time there’s a compounding effect.  In seeing results to prayers that involve other people, it can take longer because God honors the other person’s desires.  These involve prayers for reconciled relationships and changes in long term generational patterns.  God immediately answers the prayer with a “Yes and Amen” and He sets about many strategies to bring about restitution and reconciliation. These steps involve two people.  One person can be willing but the other person can be resolutely determined to not forgive and live in bitterness.  As sad as this is, God has good plans for the son or daughter that forgives and walks in the life-giving ways outlined in scripture.  How sweet it is when there is reconciliation between family members after years of embittered words and actions.

Our job is to stay true to God’s ways all along, building that base for when there’s sudden change and the circumstances take a radical shift up toward heavenly ways. Our faith starts operating at news ranges with answered prayers.

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