Be the Light Series: Part 3 Growing and Learning to Maturity

Growing and Learning are the Path to Maturity

Growing and Learning are the Path to Maturity

The journey of being a Christian involves constant growth and learning. We should not be surprised when we find ourselves in increasingly challenging circumstances.  These conditions could be on the family front, our church front, our ministry front or in friendships. It may well be in our work environs.  As we grow and learn, we are maturing into stable Christian people where little moves us.  We become rock solid.  We graduate to more and more difficult situations.  These are our platforms from which to grow.  At first it might feel like something is wrong.  But what if we have graduated to a new level to learn new things?  Once we conquer this new level, it gets peaceful for awhile, and then the lesson plan takes on a new level.  This is the normal course of maturity.

If the Holy Spirit is shed abroad in our hearts and spills out wherever we go, then technically speaking, the light of Jesus coming from us spiritually, charges the atmosphere wherever we go.  We may feel it’s a dark atmosphere, but the Holy Spirit in us changes the atmosphere of that place when we arrive.  Sometimes people will even say that “everything changed when you walked into the room.” We bring the light into the work place.  And we don’t even have to say anything.  Some people carry fear with them and it can be felt when they enter the room.  We carry the love of God and we don’t have a say a word to be part of the electric charge that shifts when God (in us) enters an office, a warehouse, a conference room or a lunch room.

Instead of focusing on reporting the conditions as we enter the room, we can ask God what He wants us to be in that environment for His purposes.  Hang onto your exit plan; it may not be time to leave yet.  Keep asking the question, “What’s your purpose for me while I am employed by this company?  Please come and show me your assignments for me in this place.”  God is a really good teacher.  All of life has purpose. God uses all things—our good choices and our bad choices—for good. Be the light where you work.

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