Considering with God Direction in Life

Focus on the Road ahead even if the end is not in sight.  It's all part of the journey

Focus on the Road Ahead

Have you ever asked God, “What do You want for my life?” With all sincerity, I wanted to know and I wanted to consider His thoughts. If I’m honest with myself, I varied in my desire to run after “it.” It sort of depended on whether I might like the answer or not.

I never did get a specific answer to this question. Other people do have clarity on their purpose and destiny from young ages. What a blessing! Meanwhile, life constantly moves forward. Options have presented themselves along the way. For me, it has been a wonderful adventure.

Even if I didn’t get an answer to my question directly, I have learned to ask questions of God and with God that do get answers. “Where do I start?” “What’s the first step?” “What’s the next step?” “What do you want me to do now with the options I have today?” Whether we want to be a full time professional evangelist one day, a physicist, teacher, businessperson, or full time parent, we still have to take college finals in our second semester of sophomore year to get to the next year, to get the degree, to get the first job, and then the next job, and so forth. As life continues forward, continue in the dialogue with God each step of the way.

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