Lessons from Middle School Camp: What to Do with Walls of Difficulty

Tools for our Wall of Difficulties

Try asking Jesus for a tool for our Wall of Difficulties

At church today,  Middle School students shared what they enjoyed about camp this past week.  One boy learned that we can give  our problems to God, no matter how big or small.  He said it’s okay to include God in our problems.  We don’t have to hide our problems from God; we can invite him into our problems with prayer.

He said the camp teacher also said when we face a Wall of Difficulty, it can separate us from God.  It’s not supposed to be this way.  God can be very good at helping us take down the wall.

It reminded me of sozo ministry where adults ask Jesus to come give them a tool to help take down their walls.  Not everyone has a wall.  If they do, we ask them to close their eyes and describe the wall and then ask if it feels safe to take down the wall.  If they can’t take the wall down on their own, we ask Jesus to show the person a tool.  Some people get hammers, some get a ladder, and some get ear muffs while a team of helpers dynamite the wall.  Jesus has something different for each person.

Another student on stage this morning said his favorite part of the teaching was when they were asked to write down their biggest problem on a piece of paper, and then they burned the paper till it turned to ashes.  “That was cool.”  What a great visual picture of what can happen to our problems.  He loved camp!


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