The Invitation in “It is Finished”

Jesus declared, "It is Finished" on the cross

Jesus declared, “It is Finished” on the cross

It is Finished

One of the seven sentences Jesus spoke on the cross was the phrase “It is finished!”  John 19:30.  It wasn’t just the end of his life.  It was the end of the mankind’s death sentences.  The sacrifice was sufficiently satisfied: His innocent death for all of mankind’s sin.  This choice defined the highest level of love for a mostly undeserving group of people.  Love won. Jesus obeyed the Father’s heart of love to finish His mission on earth.  We don’t hear Jesus sharing any regrets for his choice.  None.  It’s over—forever.

And it goes deeper.  Beyond the debt of sin being paid, Jesus also conquered man’s most difficult challenge: death.  Jesus rose from the dead and offers life to all His followers.  While living, we have Jesus’ power in us to overcome every difficulty and challenge life brings.  We can act as Jesus did by seeing, believing, knowing, and expecting, “It is finished.”  Acting in faith and obedience will remove our mountains of evil and mountains of difficulty.  In other words, because of His complete work on the cross, we live with the hope that all of our mountains can be removed. The same power at work in Jesus is available to us through prayer and partnership with God.

Jack Hayford takes this theme one step further in his book How to Live Through a Bad Day. He writes, “’It is finished’ was the son of God’s invitation to join Jesus in the conviction that now—because of the Cross—there is nothing we struggle with that is without either a purpose or an end.  No struggle need ever be pointless.  No suffering need ever be unending.”


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