The Healing Word of God Series – Part 3 Rhema Word

Getting a prophetic word from a pastor is a blessing.

Getting a prophetic word from a pastor is a blessing.

3.         Rhema Words

Rhema words come from God through a prophet for a particular person.  They may contain a scripture verse.  The scripture is not necessarily new.  It’s pertinent to that situation at that time for the person.  If a prophet says, “Do not despise small beginnings,” this is a Bible quote.  If the person hearing it is struggling in a new business or a new ministry, it would feel very much like God understands and knows that it’s small, but to keep going because it’s the beginning of something bigger.  That would be tremendous confirmation to the person listening.

The prophet may see an image and offer that image to someone. We see this frequently in the Healing Rooms.  The image might be an orange tree with two girls sitting under it.  Unbeknownst to that prayer team minister, the woman and her best friend had sat under an orange tree as teenagers and had a big fight and falling out that made it difficult for her to trust women to this day.  The prayer minster lead her in a prayer of forgiveness for this incident that happened 35 years earlier.  Over the next few weeks it felt as if a weight had lifted off this woman and the pain in her side went away and stayed away.

Rhema words could be a phrase that goes through the prophets head.  A prophet I know prayed over a woman going on a trip and asked God for “peace in the storm.”  She didn’t think she was going through a storm in her life and almost discarded the word.  But as her trip dates grew near, a hurricane was targeted at the exact place she was supposed to visit while she would be there.  She went on the trip, experienced a hurricane and was able to greatly bless many people with practical help, funds and prayers, including prayers for peace in the midst of the storm.

Prophetic words need to be tested and confirmed.  They usually resonate with the individual receiving it.

In the Healing Rooms, we pray over a blank piece of paper and often get a picture image or a phrase or a scripture verse.  We write this down and then ask the person in the waiting area to join us.  Then we share what each of us received on the prayer team.  I have seen this be something from their background that is very unique to them.  It could be something that is going on in their body that they didn’t share.  We had one man come in for prayer for his prostate cancer and the prayer team member said he thought it was about the heart.  The man said he had had a heart condition for a long time, but had gotten used to it taking a small amount of daily medicine.  He had not even written down the condition on his registration form.  Yet, that night he received prayer for his heart because God knew about it and wanted to heal this too.  Eventually the doctor decided he didn’t need the medicine anymore.

I have had many words spoken over me.  I have seen some of them come to pass.  Others I am still waiting to come to pass.  Picture images have often given me hope and comfort while I pray over long term prayer requests waiting for certain answers to unfold.

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