How Happy Are You Over Indoor Plumbing?

If indoor plumbing doesn't make you happy, then what will?

If indoor plumbing doesn’t make you happy, then what will?

I caught up with a girlfriend of mine last night over dinner and we talked about what’s been happening over the summer in our jobs.  Well, her job and my ministry work.  She said she  had been getting frustrated with a particular boss fairly frequently. She shared how she had been been complaining about him with a friend as she was driving home one day in traffic.  She looked up and saw a bumper sticker that read, “If indoor plumbing doesn’t make you happy, then what will?”  That was it.  That’s all it said.  But the meaning of the message stunned her.

In a flash, she thought about her mission trips to third world countries where they don’t have indoor plumbing in their huts.  Oh yeah.  She thought about the luxury of complaining about her job realizing she might have several other jobs available to her for consideration, all of which pay extremely well.  She thought about how big she was making this one man and all of his inadequate methods of leadership.  In the larger perspectives in life, we live with so much of what matters.  How had she  let this one boss make her forget all the other things in life that bring happiness—if we let them?

This then redirected my friend’s thoughts to those of being grateful for little and big things that she had even in the midst of working with a difficult boss.  For the rest of the ride home, she focused on being grateful for all kinds of things in life.  She felt much better by the time she got home.  She made a decision to stay in gratitude for the rest of that week.  And then the week after that.  Gratitude changes our perspective, and makes us feel better.



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