The Grief of the Unknown Dad & Bringing Fathers’ Hearts to their Children 2

Revival Will Bring the Fathers' Hearts to Love their Aborted Children

Revival Will Bring the Fathers’ Hearts to Love their Aborted Children

Good people have chosen to have abortions in the past for all kinds of reasons.  Most of the attention has always focused on the woman.  It’s known that abortions have had their impact on woman years and years after the abortion takes place.  Women seem to recognize that the fetus given up was a child at some level.  Even if a doctor calls it tissue, it’s a very little person designed by God.

Every child has two parents, not just one.  Most of the genealogies in scripture talk about a man begetting a child.  Yet, in societies with abortion, men who have let women make the decisions about an abortion are still considered the father by God’s design.  How many men have grieved the loss of a fetus, or even admitted that it was their child? Few.  Even the laws to make abortion illegal have always focused on punishing the woman while the man walks away completely free for the same consensual act.

Healing comes when someone comes into God’s opinion of sin and confesses their sins.  God hears a person’s heartfelt confession and repentance.  They He forgives the sin and cleanses the person from all unrighteousness.  1 John 1:9. Letting Jesus’ blood come and cleanse us of our sins is what brings healing and wholeness to our lives.  We walk forward in mercy, forgiven by God.

When revival comes, I believe God will convict men and women’s hearts for the sin of abortion.  This will be part of turning the hearts of the fathers toward their children that God talks about in Malachi 4: 5-6. Some men may not even know they fathered a child.  God knows. Some men will care.  Some men will not care.  God convicts our hearts so that we can come and receive forgiveness.  Repenting means turning and not continuing to go in the same direction.  Revival is going to bring both men and women before the cross to ask for and receive forgiveness.  Given the statistics in America of abortions, revival meetings could be large and widespread. This will start to heal the hearts in our nation.  It will bring physical healing to some. And, it will bring healing to our land.  2 Chronicles 7:14

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