Great Dads Reflect a Positive Relationship with God – Part 2

We learn about our Heavenly Father through our Dads on earth

We learn about our Heavenly Father through our Dads on earth

1 Corinthians says to believe the best in people.  God believes the best in you. He approves of you—even if not every choice you’ve made so far  God never expected perfection out of us—just like we don’t expect any kid to walk perfectly the first time or get perfect scores in every subject of every level of learning.  (Parents who expect this are projecting their need for perfection on kids.)  Most parents are thrilled when we take the first few steps, even if we fall down.  We get up and keep trying till we’re walking.

All of God’s favorite kids (our heroes in the Bible) had flaws and weaknesses and made bad decisions.  Luckily, our Daddy is really big. He’s so big that He can still make things okay when we mess up.  Even with Adam and Eve, He continued his plan for earth even after they flunked their first test.  God works with us humans knowing we are not perfect.  Jesus worked with flawed disciples and He still changed the world in three short ministry years.  After He ascended to heaven, the well meaning fishermen became emboldened with the Holy Spirit anad carried out God’s plan to take the good news of Jesus to every corner of the world.

There’s less consequences (to us) when we make good decisions. God works with who we are and whatever we give him.  We remind ourselves that our Heavenly Father is a Big God, a loving God and a God who is for us.

Let us honor our earthly Dad’s for all that is honorable.  And let us also take time to worship our Heavenly Father today.

Have you thought about the fact that our Heavenly Father never grows old? He doesn’t have bad hearing or becomes forgetful.  We’ll never heave to take care of Him.  Our Heavenly Father really is perfect.  He is holy and honorable in every way.  Praise God, our Father.

Psalm 37:5 says, Roll your burdens on to the Lord. Trust in Him and He worketh.

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