With God, There is a THERE There

The blessings God has for us are at the places He tells us to go.

The blessings God has for us are at the places He tells us to go.

Have you ever heard the common colloquialism, “There’s no there there”? This could be used in a business context with companies that promise that when the Income Statement has enough profit, we’ll give out bonuses at the end of the fiscal year.  After years of hearing this with no bonuses, employees might reach the conclusion that, “there’s no there there.”

With God, there is a THERE there.  As our faith increases, when God says to go somewhere, we know enough to know we need to go there. It could be for our protection.  It could be to position us in for some life lesson.  It could be to receive a blessing.  Obedience comes form believing that God has a good plan for our life and is telling us to do something for our good.

Like a football receiver who goes out for a pass, he is going to the place he needs to catch the ball ahead of when the ball arrives.  He is moving toward the position to meet the ball.  When he arrives at the appointed place, he will see it.  Amazing passes are when he doesn’t even look back or up at the ball and all of a sudden, as he is running, it comes into view as he reaches for it on the way to the end zone.

One benefit to going where God tells us to go, ahead of time, is that when we get “there,” that is where our blessings will be.  If we’ve been told to go somewhere and we stay, the blessings are not to be found where we stayed.  The blessings are where He told us to go.  If God has identified a “there,” that is where we need to be positioned to be fulfilling in His plan and to receive all that He has prepared for us in advance.  If God has spoken to us to go, there is a There there.

Lord, when I hear your voice telling me to go somewhere, give me the courage to go where you have spoken.


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