Forgivness Often Comes with Side Benefits of Healing

Forgiveness brought the "side benefit" of freedom from motion sickness

Forgiveness Brought the “Side Benefit” of Freedom from Motion Sickness

Forgiveness benefits us, usually more than the other person.  In the Healing Rooms, we often see physical healing linked to forgiveness.  Let’s look at one woman’s story who chose to forgive her mother for smoking.

At yesterday’s Aglow meeting, we learned how forgiveness can have a physical healing benefit.  A woman shared what happened when she decided to forgive her mother thirty odd years after her mother passed on to be with the Lord.  Her mother had smoked when she was a little girl and she had never liked it and had asked her mother to stop.  The desire to smoke had overruled the request of her daughter.  It was particularly difficult for our friend when her mother smoked in the car.  She would get dizzy, and dreaded driving around curves.

At an inner healing retreat a few years ago, this woman chose to forgive her Mom for smoking even when she asked her not to.  At the time, it felt good.  Two days later, she left the retreat on a small plane before connecting at a larger airport.  She didn’t like small planes for their bumpy rides.  She noticed that she didn’t mind the plane ride and could look out and enjoy the magnificent views of Alaska.  She didn’t pay much attention to this at first.

Last week, she had driven a very curvy mountainous road with her husband and didn’t have one minute of motion sickness.  She realized she was completely free of motion sickness.  She praised God.  She hadn’t really linked it back, at first, to her decision to forgive her Mom.  As she thought back to the last time she had had motion sickness, she realized it was on the way to her retreat.  For four years she has not experienced motion sickness. The shift happened after forgiving her Mom, years after her Mom had passed on.  What a great “side benefit” to forgiveness!

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