Forgiveness and Healing Go Hand in Hand

Let Prayer be Part of the Journey from Forgiveness to Health

Let Prayer be Part of the Journey from Forgiveness to Health

I had a good girlfriend call me yesterday to tell me about her health journey for the last 4 weeks, including surgery.  She had been cleaning her bathroom and bent over scrubbing when a searing pain gripped her body and has not left.  It stems from the lower part of her back and goes into her legs.  She has seen spinal cord experts, orthopedic doctors and muscle experts examine her, doing their “work” and still the pain.

In the midst of this excruciating pain, she thought back to her stepmother.  This woman rivals the stepmonster in Cinderella.  She made my friend’s life miserable for years, prevented relationship with her biological father, lied to people and to her government about ownership of land…many evil deeds.  Her daughter was raised to be just like her.

As the pain my friend is experiencing continues, she has realized her desire to forgive everyone in her life everything.  Being in continual pain reminds us of the descriptions of hell.  My friend commented that “No one deserves to go through what I am experiencing. I choose to forgive everyone everything and pray for their salvation- even my stepmother.”

So we walked through several forgiveness and bondage breaking prayers in the courtroom of heaven.  I sort of expected the pain to improve immediately.  I asked her what her pain level was at the beginning of our prayer time between 1 and 10.  She responded immediately with, “20.”  Okay.  At the end of our prayer time, she was grateful to feel the cleansing of the Holy Spirit over her and in her. But the pain was still present and we hung up so she could take her pain medication. I still believe her body will improve the commitment to forgive everyone everything.  She is still walking out this new path toward health.  Her mind and emotions and spirit feel clean and free.  My prayers and expectations continue on her behalf for physical healing.  But I know she’ll sleep free tonight.



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