Finding the Right Mother’s Day Card for Difficult Mothers

Finding a Mother's Day Card for a Difficult Mom is No Easy Task

Finding a Mother’s Day Card for a Difficult Mom is No Easy Task

Why is it that I meet so many people who have survived difficult Mothers?  I have thought of creating a Difficult Mother’s Club.  I meet so many women that come through sozo appointments who didn’t have easy, great Moms.  Neither did I.

It takes hours for find a card appropriate for Mother’s Day.  None of those sugary sweet cards fit that talk about the wonderful qualities in a mother.  That wasn’t our experience.  I search for something truthful.  One time I settled for a card in a foreign language since I couldn’t find one in English that said it truthfully.

We all have to honor our parents.  It’s a commandment, no matter what.  And the promise is for a long life, which we all want.  So how does one fulfill this?  My brother says to honor what is honorable.  No matter how short a list this might be, it makes sense.  One man got to the point by saying, “Thank you for not aborting me.”  That’s honest and direct.

Years later, I learned to see beyond the poor cyclical behavior part of my Mother to see her as a very wounded little girl.  It gave me the ability to forgive her and to love her.  She still said upsetting and harsh words.  Nonetheless the love was genuine for the rare glimmers of the person that I rarely saw.  I learned to honor and genuinely love her. My mother is in heaven now.  Every once in a while, I write her a love letter.

This year, in my devotions on Mother’s Day, I read Luke 8:35.  I see her now as sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed in righteousness and in her right mind.  Someday I’ll join her at Jesus’ feet and get to know the mother I never knew on earth.


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