Fasting Series Part 3 – How do I Fast? Alternative Fasts – Taking Something On

Prayer and Fasting as a Lifestyle has Positive Results

Prayer and Fasting as a Lifestyle has Positive Results

To Recap the types of fasts outlined in this series, here is a summary list:

1.         Give up One Meal a Day

2.         Water Only Fast for 1-3 days

3.         Juice Only Fast for 1-3 days (possibly more)

4.         A  Daniel Fast

5.         40 Day Fast

These are the classic ways to do a food fast.

Alternatively there are non-food fast options as well.  Some people fast TV sit-com shows.  Some people give up “eye candy” or they stop looking at things that aren’t good for their spirit.

There’s another category of “fasting.”  That is to take something on that one wouldn’t normally do.  Some people take on helping an elderly person gets things done around their home. Some people sign up to serve at a soup kitchen.  Some people try blessing their enemies every day specifically in prayer.  Some people try giving a particular amount of money to the homeless every day—or in a one-time gift.  Some give of their time to neighbors or a favorite charity organization in prayer or hours.  Giving of our time and talents is a way of serving God.  This gets noticed by God as well.

Whatever fast one chooses, the results are powerful and effective.  It’s a prayer booster.  Physically, fasting helps rebalance one’s body’s pH level.  It’s like hitting the reset button.  Certain doctors see allergy symptoms improve.  Autoimmune disorders may heal.  Fasting improves insulin sensitivity by lowering blood sugar, which can help diabetes.

Spiritually, fasting builds intimacy with God, increases our humility before God, and it yields increased deliverance results.  Fasting also yields breakthrough.  If it’s a long term prayer, fasting offers hope for God’s answers in the midst of the season.

As a book reference, I recommend Elmer Towns’ classic, Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. Fasting is a great way to kick off the New Year.  Jantzen Franklin has made this popular in the lat few years with his book on fasting.  Fasting can be done individually or corporately.

My favorite part of a fast is the following morning in my quiet time.  I see God meet me every time.  He gives me promises in scripture I may never have seen before.  I feel particularly close and heard, even if there’s no immediately result in my circumstances.  I feel loved and hugged by God at the end of my quiet time.  There are depths of love we may never know till God sees us press in at a deeper level and meets us there.

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