What is Emergent Streams?

Waterfalls Give Us a Picture of Supernatural Abundant Love

Many Holy Spirit Streams are Coming Together in America for a Waterfall of Love

One of the new terms for people who follow Spirit filled faith ministries is “streams.”  Streams represent apostolic ministries that raise people up to take the “flavor” of that ministry out into their sphere of influence.  A lot of this training is done through schools of ministry.  Some ministries have schools of Supernatural Ministry.  Examples include Bethel Church in Redding (School of Supernatural Ministry), CA, Jubilee Church in San Jose, CA (School of Supernatural Ministry), IHOP University, and International Association of Healing Rooms’ School of Transformation.  Some ministries hold conferences or schedule mission trips to international locations where one can visit for short term time frames or extended seasons.  Kathy Walters does trips to Wales, Global Awakening does mission trips to Brazil, and Aglow International does trips to Israel every year.

Once trained or familiar with a particular style the individual takes the training with them to whatever their sphere of influence is.  The training becomes part of their modis operendi.  People who learn how to heal incorporate healing into their approach to living.  It’s no big deal to pray on the spot when they learn of a need because they experientially know there’s no time or distance in the spiritual realm.  Often they may pray prophetically receiving a picture image, scripture or a phrase from God specifically designed to comfort or bless or speak to the person.  As common and practical as this step is it’s surprising how many people hear of a prayer request and go on their way with good intentions to pray and can forget.

Ministry streams are becoming a way of communicating networks of familiarity and maturity in the same way denominations give a quick picture of foundational points that a church operates from.  Some current stream examples include IHOP in Kansas City (International House of Prayer introducing 24/7 worship that is available by streaming online), Bethel Church in Redding, CA (launching Jesus Culture music and training and sozo ministries), IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms bringing a parachurch healing ministry to over 3000 communities in the United States) and Global Awakening (another Healing ministry out of Pennsylvania.)

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