After Easter, Hope Comes Alive Part 2

The Empty Tomb Gives Hope

The Empty Tomb Gives Hope

The rumors of Jesus being alive quickly spread throughout all of Judea.  Suddenly hope sparked again.  Questions flooded the discussions.  How was this possible?  Time would tell.  Counter rumors ran rampant as well.  The High Priest’s envoys claimed the disciples stole the body.  They said it wasn’t true.  But why would perfectly logical men invent such a story?  What about the contrasting testimonies of normal people.  And what was the buzz about dead people walking again throughout the land.  Time to check it out.

Even before the truth could be determined, hope flowed in the people’s veins.  Ideas flowed.  The possibilities for God to be personal and close came back into focus.  Maybe the last would be the first.  Maybe it wasn’t all about money after all.  What was that part about the meek inheriting the earth?  Maybe God hears my prayers.  Maybe God does notice my heart and unseen actions, even if the priests are oblivious.

Two thousand years later, we have centuries of studied and educated men writing volumes of theological insights.  We have recorded testimonies that continue to this day of lives turned toward God, Slave drivers who became priests, drug addicts who come clean and live a life for God.  Hope comes as we hear lives rising from the ashes.

Hope allows people to dream big dreams.  2014 is the year to bring out our old dreams, dust them off and set them on the desk to put plans of actions alongside.  This is the year to ask God for new dreams, implementation plan, resources.  It is time to hope.  As God answers big prayers, we will wonder if we prayed bold enough prayers to go along with the dreams He gave us.  It is time to dream again.  He is bigger than the obstacles.  He is bigger than the challenge.  He is bigger than the death of our dreams.  Alive.  Rise.  Hope.  Believe. Dream. Plan.  It is time to God and Fulfill all that God has put in your heart.

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