After Easter, Hope Comes Alive Part 1

The Empty Tomb Gives Hope

The Empty Tomb Gives Hope

The day we call “Good Friday”  commemorates the day Jesus was crucified.  Hopes of every Jesus follower sunk to a new nadir.  What happened to Jesus’ talk about the Kingdom of God?  How could people have hope for healing and redemption?  Did his followers have to go back to the restrictive legalistic Jewish law and hypocrisy of the Pharisees.  Were politics going to win over justice again?  Was no one going to stop them from killing this innocent man die?  Could no one ever stop the liars from offering testimony for money?  Was no one ever going to be able to stop the Romans from ruling over Judea?  Talk about feeling discouraged.  Now what?

Passover must have felt like a blanket was laid over Jerusalem with the news of Jesus’ death.  Even those who hadn’t rendered an official position had to know that death wasn’t deserved.

No one was prepared for the news of Jesus being alive that Sunday morning.  Even if the people had heard that the temple would rise again after three days and thought it odd, had never considered the “temple” to be Jesus’ body.  Yet the rumors ran rampant.

Jesus is alive?  Really?  The brain cranks over into possibility.  Then maybe everything he said needs to be reconsidered.  Now what was he saying about the Kingdom of God coming near?  What was that part about Jesus being the way to God, His Father?  What is it’s all true?  What did He say about the Father’s love?  Where were those disciples?  I must ask them about my question?

Suddenly hope sparked again.  Ideas flowed.  The possibilities for God to be personal and close came back into focus

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