How to Deal with Sin – Part 2

Many people sweep sins under the rug, which is never quite big enough

Many people sweep sins under the rug, which is never quite big enough

In Part 1 of How to Deal with Sin we looked at the first step of facing the truth about what God calls sin.  We ask the Holy Spirit to come and show us (not the whole world) what we need to address before God.

Once we face truth about our sin, we can go to God with it in repentance.  He is not surprised by our sin.  He already knows about it.  He will not do anything about it until we ask Him to.  When we desire to “come clean,” we can tell him about it. We desire resolution.  God has already provided a solution for the resolution in the work of the Jesus who died on a cross for our sins.  We give our sin to Jesus by laying it at the foot of the cross where His innocent blood drips on our stuff.  In this moment, we enter into the diving exchange.  We lay before Jesus our sin and we receive the fullness of forgiveness.

To fully repent, we get up and turn to leave it at the cross and return to live out our lives.  Repentance is about turning and sinning no more.  We learn this from the words of Jesus to the woman caught in the act of adultery.  “…I do not condemn you; go and sin no more.”  John 8:11.  In John 5:14 Jesus heals a man and says, “See, you have been made well.  Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” Continued in How to Deal with Sin – Part 3

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