How to Deal with Sin – Part 1

Many people sweep sins under the rug, which is never quite big enough

Many people sweep sins under the rug, which is never quite big enough

Many people (and families) prefer to deal with sin by lifting the rug up, sweeping the incident under the rug, and never speaking about it again.  God insists on a different way.  The Bible talks about facing the truth.

The first step in dealing with sin is being honest about the sin before God.  David writes in Psalm 51, “For I acknowledge my transgressions…”  Confession is coming into agreement with God.  Confessing sin is to recognize what God calls sin and agree with Him regarding any actions in our lives is sin that He calls sin.  The Holy Spirit brings conviction, which is designed to bring us to God.  The enemy loves to heap condemnation on top of this.  Conviction brings a desire to get right before God.  Condemnation brings a desire to hide from God.  Many people have never been taught this distinction.  It is critical to bringing healing and spiritual cleansing.

Sometimes being honest with ourselves involves a process.  Once we admit one thing, then we can see the cover up as a sin, or we finally come to the root issue of sin in our lives.  Someone may say a mean thing to another person (and we realize we should not have said the words).  But the deeper issue is a jealous streak (this requires a deeper repentance and cleansing) and the deeper issue might further be a root of insecurity and inferiority – which usually leads to lie from the pit of hell about ourselves.  God did not make any mistakes in creating you.  Let’s bring the good creation in each of us to the surface so God can develop it and shine His glory on it, and it can fit into the community for which we are designed to operate in.

It takes courage to invite the Holy Spirit to give us an honest assessment about ourselves.  The goal is not to feel guilt.  The goal is to take it to the cross where we will find forgiveness for our sins and cleansing for all unrighteousness.  1 John 1:9.


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