Everybody is Welcome at the Communion Table

Everybody is Welcome at the Communion Table

Everybody is Welcome at the Communion Table

In church this week, we looked at what makes a church a place for people to come and be community together.  Three things stand out:

1.         Everybody is welcome.  No one is left out.  Truly everyone is welcome.

2.         Nobody’s Perfect.  So many people think that we have to be perfect to join a church.  Or if we are members, then we become perfect.  Anyone who visits a church will soon find out no church has perfect members.  We come together knowing we are not perfect and we need God to be our God.  We desire to hang our sin on the Jesus’ cross.  And we long for the revitalization of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

3.         Anything is Possible.  More specifically, Anything is possible with God.  This truth reminds us that we serve an amazing God.  He still does miracles, signs and wonder.  He is worthy of our praise.

Our church service closed with communion for the entire church.  We come to the table welcomed by Jesus, no matter who we are.  The Bible says God is not a respector of persons.  He knows us all individually and accepts us for who we are, not for what we’ve accomplished.  We come to the table with our imperfections to our perfect Savior.  We give him our sin and receive His righteousness, fresh, once again.  And we leave reminded that no matter what we are facing in our lives, All Things are Possible with God.  The visit to God’s table reminds us to of these truths and refreshes us for the week ahead.

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