Communion Pattern: Blessed, Broken and Given

"Take and Eat. This is My Body Broken for You." Mark 14:22

“Take and Eat. This is My Body Broken for You.” Mark 14:22

Mark 14:22 reads, “Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them and said, ‘Take, eat; this is My body.’”

Many of us come to the Communion table aware of our sin and needing to ask forgiveness.  We live knowing that temptations sometimes get the better of us.  We take our sins to the cross and receive his forgiveness, at the Communion table.  Some of us leave, having received forgiveness, but not quite feeling ready to fulfill our God given destiny.

Communion reminds us that God uses broken people to carry out His purposes in the world through us.  The verbs in Mark 14:22 outline the process:  Blessed, broken, and given out.  As we continually learn of God’s love, the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, we continue on our spiritual journey.  Along the way, we sin.  The journey path incorporates the steps of forgiveness, cleansing, and redemption.  The human condition keeps us breaking God’s laws and needing Jesus’ forgiveness and cleansing continually.  We repeatedly accept Jesus’ invitation to “Take and eat.”

Amazingly, God uses us people to carry His perfect message to others in our broken state. Most spiritual journeys produce mature Christians, who hopefully attain to live by God’s guidelines more and more closely.  Yet, He doesn’t wait for certain levels of performance to be usable.  He lets our stories be given out as they are.  Further, He often wants us willing to tell our story of brokenness.  The sustaining truth is that He loves people despite our sins.  He can use our stories of brokenness all along the journey path to draw people to Himself.

Jesus’ invitation to share the bread that night depicts this process all in one action.  We are blessed by God.  We are broken by sin.  And we are asked to give out our story to others.  When we partake in Communion, we are taking and eating the bread of His body given for us.   Our brokenness drives us to the table and extends Jesus’ invitation to all through our stories of broken lives where we all come to Jesus’ offer at the table:  “Take and eat, this is my Body.” His resurrected body becomes our healing.




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