Christmas 2013 Embracing this Season of Rejoicing and Growing

Deck the Halls with Holly for a Season of Rejoicing and Growing

Deck the Halls with Holly for a Season of Rejoicing and Growing

At an Aglow Christmas 2013 brunch, the speaker shared that this year the Christmas season was one of rejoicing and growing.  We all love the rejoicing part.  Christmas cheer is full of joy.  Deck the Halls with boughs of holly.

The growing part brings a frown.  Growth can come with growing pains.  Each season carries disappointments that need to go to God so he can replace them with lessons and redirections.  Expectations for last season need adjusting for this season.

God is birthing something new with many ministries, many businesses, and with many of us.  As he does this, some of our old systems, our old methods, our old ways are being set aside or deleted.  At the very least, old ways are being upgraded with dramatic new modifications.  New seasons come with new ways, new directions, new desires and hopes.  Ask God for his heart in us so we can embrace the new.

Yielding to God helps us go with his flow.  Yielding makes it less painful when change unfolds.  Into the changes, we need to look for the good.  Yielding is not about telling God what we want in our prayer requests; our hands must be open to embrace what God is giving us.  God gives good gifts.  When he selects something to give us, odds are we will need it for the next chapter in our lives.  Sometimes these gifts are clues to the new season.

Growing seasons are often faith-stretching seasons.  Keep asking God to show us the good so we can move forward with praise.  Sometimes we praise before we can fully appreciate the good.  As we ask God to guide and direct our lives, he produces good in our lives.  Our part is to keep on doing good, and in due season we will see the rewards of the sowing.

Let’s cheer this season of rejoicing and growing.


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